First blog

“You have been accepted” OMG I can’t believe this!!!! I’m moving to Spain.

This is exactly how it happened couple of months ago when I found out I was accepted by University of Salamanca to come there for a year as an ERASMUS+ student.

Oh but let’s go back to the start. I will tell you who I am and how I even got to that point. So… I’m Tena, a Croatian student of Spanish and Portuguese language and literature. Since I was a child my biggest love was always Spanish language. It all started very typically, my grandma would babysit me and she loved “telenovelas” or Latin-American soap operas (just like about every other Croatian grandma). Of course, she could not miss an episode so she would put me in my little red chair by her sofa and we would watch them together (the poor lady had to read very fast the subtitles to me since I was too young to do it myself). And that’s how it happened, I fell in love with Spanish language and when I was 13 I started to take Spanish lessons.

Now let’s fast forward couple of years, high school, 2 years in law school, dropping out, entering University of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb and choosing languages as my career path and we come to the present time where I’m about to be 24, finishing my 3rd year of university and in 4 weeks leaving to Spain for a year.

Why I applied?
Well, this past year has been the best one in my life and it was because I was living with ERASMUS people (2 Spanish and 1 French). I was hanging out mostly with Spanish students and it was a life changing experience for me. I got to practice my English and Spanish, go to amazing Erasmus parties and live a like a foreigner in my own country. I always dreamed of going to live in Spain but I was too scared to actually do something about it. I didn’t want to apply for an Erasmus scholarship because I was too scared of rejection and actually changing my life but spending that much time with people that were courageous enough to do it, I decided I would try my luck. How I applied and everything necessary I had to do is another blog post for another time.

Guiri Girl♥